November 10, 2020

Benefits of wheat grass

Benefits of wheat grass


          Wheatgrass is a young grass belong to the wheat plant family, it is a rich source of nutrients like antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and amino acids.


           By nature, wheatgrass is highly alkalizing, it also contains a good amount of chlorophyll.

           Wheatgrass juice is the most natural form of consuming it. It is also very well known as a detoxifier, and it is also working as antioxidants and thus it helps to reduce the free radicals from our system and helps to prevent early ageing and cancer-like disease.


  #   Wheat grass as Alkalizer 

           Wheatgrass juice aids in restoring alkalinity to the blood. wheatgrass contains plenty of alkaline minerals that help to neutralize over-acidity in the blood. It has been utilized successfully to care for digestive problems like ulcerative inflammatory bowel disease, peptic ulcers, constipation, diarrhoea, etc 

    #    Wheat grass as Detoxifier,


          The enzymes and amino acids encountered in wheatgrass may protect us from carcinogens [substances or agents that causes cancer ] like no other food or medicine.

          It detoxifies the liver, blood, and also chemically counteracts environmental pollutants.

           Wheatgrass in your diet will help to fight tumours and counteract toxins in the body. The many active compounds detected in the wheatgrass juice, clean the blood and counteract digest toxins in our cells.

   #   wheat grass as chlorophyll source.

          Wheatgrass contains a high level of chlorophyll. The important nutritional fact of chlorophyll is it's a similarity to haemoglobin. The compound that transports oxygen in the bloodstream Chlorophyll is soluble in fat particles and fat particles are soaked up directly into the blood via the lymphatic system, that chlorophyll may likewise be so soaked up in this way.

   #         wheat grass as an exogenous enzyme source.


          Wheatgrass juice also contains some enzymes. This enzyme naturally found in our body and working in a vast range of functions like healing wound to weight loss,


           Wheatgrass juice holds beneficial enzymes, by consuming wheatgrass juice, we are adding exogenous enzymes through it, and it positively helps in various body functions. Wheatgrass should be consumed uncooked, cooking demolishes the enzymes in food.

            Wheatgrass also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, thus it helps to reduce cholesterol level, reduce fat and control inflammatory disorders.


         The benefits of wheatgrass  still extend to 

1.. Increase the Red blood count,

2.  Energize metabolism.

3.  Boost up the body"s enzyme system.

4. .Dieting the blood vessels throughout the body and help to reduce high blood pressure.

5.   Energize the thyroid gland.


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